Waterfront Real Estate Tour

Living on a waterfront home is one of the luxurious ways of living your life. Are you searching for a beautiful waterfront home in Palm Harbor and Clearwater?

Palm Harbor Nautical Ventures provides guided boat tours in the Palm Harbor of Pinellas County for prospective buyers so that they can preview the beautiful waterfront homes before deciding to buy them. It is a fantastic way to give a glimpse of the community and development which has taken place in popular beach side houses of Florida.

We also provide waterfront real estate tour in Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, Tampa and St Petersburg. If you have been looking for waterfront homes for sale in tarpon springs Florida, or Tampa waterfront condos for rent then Palm Harbor Nautical Ventures is your best bet.

The acquisition of a waterfront home should be decided after gauging the property via a guided boat tour by a Waterfront specialist.

The waterfront real estate tour is also an excellent way of exploring the scenic waterways which can be followed by a delicious lunch at one of the many beautiful restaurants. The best part is in enjoying the Intracoastal Waterway after the lunch.

Waterfront real estate tour by boat

Hire a Boat Captain for touring the waterfront homes in Tarpon Springs. We will visit the entire waterfront neighborhood ideally with your Realtor. If you are not working with a Realtor yet in the search of your new Waterfront home, we are happy to recommend someone for you!

Folks looking to buy the waterfront homes need to be aware of the unique concerns that are usually encountered in a waterfront residential. This is why a guided tour of the waterfront home is a must for any buyer. Accessibility is the greatest concern when evaluating a waterfront home purchase.

Hire our guided boat tour and enjoy the tranquil surroundings of the water coupled with the sight of beautiful St. Petersburg waterfront homes for sale. There are plenty of Waterfront homes for sale in St Petersburg beach fl.

A different ride altogether

The waterfront homes are uniquely different from the traditional houses. A critical aspect of a waterfront home is the quality of the waterfront and waterway paving to the home.

We have massive experience in boat and yachting community and coupled that with the firm expertise in the real estate business, we have become a highly qualified waterfront specialist in Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Palm Harbor and Tarpon Springs.

With our waterfront real estate tour, we believe in providing the waterfront view of your desired home. We specialize in providing an intimate type of excursion to a small group of people with our guided boat tour.

Upon viewing the waterfront homes, not all of them will appeal to you, therefore, it is important to explore them individually and this is where our services for waterfront real estate tour comes in handy. Let us help you narrow down your list of prospective homes. This will aid your Realtor in scheduling interior home tours following your boat tour.

Guided Boat tour of Oceanfront houses for sale in Florida

During the initial tour, clients are provided with the overview without docking and entering the waterfront homes. If the waterfront house appeals to the client, a second tour is then arranged (often on the same day).

On the path to many waterfront homes, there will be plenty of photogenic locations and our crew will guide you in having a wonderful time. Both long and short trips can be provided, and the timings for departure will be extremely flexible, depending on the tides and your desires for the day.

What will be needed for the waterfront real estate tour?

  1. Your group will meet at our boat in Palm Harbor.
  2. Each home can have a scheduled arrival time, depending on what you Realtor sets up for you.
  3. Your Realtor will provide a complete list of the waterfront homes and their route. The Boat Captain will need this on the day before the scheduled tour.
  4. Feel free to bring onboard: Lunch, beverages, etc. We will provide ice, water, and beer or soda if desired.

Why are we the best waterfront real estate tour provider?

Having years of experience in the water touring business allows us to provide a comfortable and fun-filled journey; coupled that with your Realtor’s knowledge of a real estate market and you are bound to receive the best waterfront real estate tour from Palm Harbor Nautical Ventures.