Campaign Sunset Sailing Cruise with Palm Harbor Nautical Ventures

Sunset Sailing Cruise

Revel in the natural, quieter, serene surrounding under the sky with the sunset sailing cruise from Palm Harbor Nautical Ventures. With the sun dipping into the horizon and the natural air breezing through your hair, sipping a glass of wine feels genuinely majestic.

Witness a complete overview of the magnificently built multi-million dollar residential while sailing through the mangrove protected areas.

Enjoy the perfect hospitality of our sunset sailing cruise in Palm Harbor

With a plethora of space to freely roam around, experience the intimate moments with your close ones and enjoy the warm hospitality from our nearly 1:1 experienced crew to passenger ratio.

Enjoy the picturesque natural environment with cushy seating on the deck or just hang on to the netting where you can see the gushing natural water flowing under the deck of the cruise.

Music, dance, wild parties and comedic performances are some of the finest offerings of our sunset sailing cruise. We intend to make your night unforgettable.

If you have been searching for sunset dinner cruise tampa Florida, then you have arrived at the right place. We also provide sunset sailing cruise services in Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, Tampa, St Petersburg.

Most of our private sunset sailing cruise departs before twilight. Feel the tingling warmth of the late evening sunrays vibrating from the shimmering water.

Romantic date

Whether you are trying to woo your date or just want to spice up your marriage, a journey on our romantic dinner cruise is the ideal choice. Daytime activities, dining throughout the day, mini theatres and clubs are some of the standard entertainment facilities of our sunset sailing cruise that we provide to our esteemed passengers.

Private occasions

We cater customized ambiences and services depending on the time and occasion. Be it a private wedding ceremony, corporate group event or a honeymoon tour, our exemplary services will not disappoint you at all.

Get to know a new crowd of folks on our sunset sailing cruise

Need some refreshment for your mind and body? How about meeting a whole new bunch of crowd and having a gala time? Bonding with new people provides therapeutic effects due to the plethora of dopamine rush.

Enjoy the family reunion

Quality time with friends and family coupled with a variety of evening activities is the perfect gateway to create a stronger bond.  Bring in your camper filled with adult beverages and soft drinks and enjoy the 90-120 minute journey.

Our daily sunset cruise sailing provides accommodations for a minimum of 4 people. Alternatively, if you want to have a beautiful ride for only a couple of people, we can even arrange that too for you.

Why choose us?

Enjoy a wide array of scenic environment coupled with dinner boat cruise services and entertainment activities at affordable prices. You will greatly enjoy our catering services of champaign sunset sailing cruise.

What could be more relaxing than listening to the rolls of the wave while you witness the hues of orange and yellow spreading across the sky as you prepare to welcome a fun-filled night as exciting as the day?

Are you looking for an affordable, fun-filled night cruise sailing? Then simply book your seat now with Palm Harbor Nautical Ventures.