Rent A Boat for A Day in Palm Harbor

Rent A Boat For A Day

Explore Florida’s Gulf coast with our self-rental boat. Palm Harbor Nautical Ventures rent a boat for a day at affordable prices.

You will be provided with the maneuvering lessons beforehand by our professional team. We rent a boat for a day in Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, Tampa and St Petersburg

Our team possesses more than a decade of experience in boating which will ensure that you will get excellent training and instructions. If you are looking to rent a boat for a day from us, do not worry about the snorkel guides at all.

No matter what your boating purpose is, you will be provided with the laminated snorkel guides and informative maps which will enhance your boating experience to the fullest.

If you have been searching for pontoon boat rentals St Petersburg, Fl then you arrived at the right place.

We also provide services for a boat rental with a captain with the cheapest rates of fuel. Enjoy the seclusion, adventure and romance with our boat rental services in Palm harbor, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Tarpon Springs and Tampa.

Choose your favourite party boat from our fleet of vessels which include Pontoons. We aim to provide high quality services for Clearwater boat rentals, Fl.

Whether you want to go for snorkeling, to enjoy the sunset or want to splash the sea water across by throttling the engine to the maximum, we have tailored packages for rent a boat for a day.

Adrenaline Junkie

Looking to satisfy your Adrenaline rush? All our renting boats have sleek design and are well engineered which will allow you to rev up the engine to the max, thereby giving you a very thrilling and invigorating experience.

All the boats are equipped with an array of cabinets where you can keep your items. There is also an onboard cooler with ice and water.

Our boats also come with sound systems, Bimini tops and cushion seating.

Live Assistance

Sometimes, things have their way to go wrong which is why palm harbor nautical ventures provide immediate assistance whenever needed.

Just like a reputed company of boat rentals Clearwater, we provide an onboard cell phone with an instruction manual. As soon as the renter calls for an urgent help, one of our nearby rescuers immediately rushes to the renter to assist. Trust us, regarding providing emergency help, we believe in having top professionals and not just amateurs.

Want to bring in your pets?

Being animal lovers ourselves, we know how immensely satisfying it is to involve our pets in water sports like these. We surely allow pets onboard provided they don’t shed.

 Life Jackets

As per law, it is mandatory for us to provide you with the life jackets. You need not have to buy it on your own.

Cancellation Policy

In case you are thinking of cancelling the rental, you need to inform us within the stipulated period. If you are looking to cancel the rental booking based on the weather predictions, you may want to wait a little more (preferably 2 hours before the renting time) as the weather predictions turn out incorrect most of the time and the day often turns out perfect for the boating adventure.

Guaranteeing an unforgettable water outing

At Palm Harbor Nautical Ventures, our aim is not to rent a boat for a day but an unforgettable adventure filled with joy and thrilling experience.

We believe that boating should be fun, thrilling but most importantly worry free.