You may be considering Exploring Florida’s Gulf coast by renting a boat for a day. There is so much to see in Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, Tampa and St Petersburg by boat! But before you do, we ask you to consider the following:

Rent a boat for a day

The expense to rent a boat for a day. = approx $300.00

The fuel to rent a boat for a day. = varies but minimum $50-100.00 depending on how far you plan to travel.

The cost of ice for keeping beverages cool = $10.00

Next consider the knowledge required for operating an unknown vessel. Do you know the Rules of the Water?

How about Navigation! If you rent a boat for a day in Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, Clearwater areas Do you know your way around?

Who is the boat captain when you rent a boat for a day? Most boat rental companies have an age requirement of at least 25 to operate a vessel. So if you are college – age and want a day on the water, you will likely not be permitted to rent a boat!

Assuming you have an of-age willing person to operate the vessel for the day, remember the DUI laws on the road also apply on the water! Your volunteer captain will not be able to partake in any adult beverages while underway.

Rent a Boat CAPTAIN for a Day

We get it! You want to get on the water! We live in a beautiful part of Florida, and there is so much to see in Palm Harbor, Clearwater, and Tarpon Springs! All we ask is that you consider the all the nickel and dime costs above to rent a boat for a day, and compare to our services Renting a BOAT Captain for a Day! When you can get a 1/2 day charter for $500 and that includes fuel, water, ice, and a 12 pack of beer!

While the price tag may be slightly more, with Captain Rich you won’t need to worry about who will drive & how to navigate! Leave that up to him! This way, everyone in your party can… RELAX, HAVE FUN, ENJOY ADULT BEVERAGES, ETC.

Our boat is equipped with an array of cabinets where you can keep your items. There is also an onboard cooler with ice, water and a 12 pack of beer. We have 2 refrigerators onboard as well, to keep your snacks cool if you decide to bring lunch or snacks on your trip.

Our boat also comes with sound systems, cushion seating and a sun shade.L

Life Jackets

As per law, it is mandatory for us to provide you with the life jackets. You need not have to buy it on your own.

Guaranteeing an unforgettable water outing

At Palm Harbor Nautical Ventures, our aim is not to rent a boat for a day but an unforgettable adventure filled with joy and thrilling experience.

We believe that boating should be fun, thrilling but most importantly worry free. Click below to reserve your day on the water!