Private Boat Charter

Palm Harbor Nautical Ventures provides exceptionally professional and smooth services for a private boat charter in Tampa.

Whether you want to enjoy the sunset or have an adventurous moment with just your partner, then our private boat charter services will serve you aptly.

A private boat charter is a perfect way to have an adventurous time with your friends. The Clearwater area is full of uninhabited islands. If luck favours, you will witness the gigantic dolphins, manatees and other abundant marine life.

A private boat charter enables you to have a powerful relaxing experience in the natural, serene environment. Enjoy the water sporting activities such as snorkelling, tubing or shelling or just enjoy the beautiful sound of the waves of the Clearwater beach.

We are located in the Pinellas County and serve areas of Tarpon Springs, Tampa and St Petersburg also.

If you are looking for cheap Tampa party boat charters, then palm harbour nautical ventures is your best bet. We also provide affordable rental for yacht charter St Petersburg Fl.

Our Captain and the Crew

Our crew with nearly 1: 1 passenger ratio is highly experienced and well trained to serve our private client’s demands with utmost ease. All our captains for private yacht charter Florida are licensed coast guard certified who are dedicated to providing a unique experience with tailored needs.

The inside of our all-inclusive yacht charters is furnished with the modern luxuries which will leave no stone unturned to make your journey a memorable one.


We understand the importance of safety which is why all our crew members are trained with the modern safety tactics as per the latest law and security measures to ensure top-notch protection for our passengers.

Customized to tailor your needs

In a private yacht charter, you don’t have to elbow your way through a flock of people to access a particular amenity like a water sport.  The services and facilities are tailored specifically for our private client. It is your right to enjoy a well-earned vacation, and our crew members are trained to enhance your experience to the fullest.

Our vessels are comfy, spacious and provide easy access to the upper-level deck to enjoy the warm and bright sunlight in the daytime while you can have a relaxing, divine experience in the night by watching the stars in the sky.

Packages worth enjoying

We provide fantastic packages for Stag and Hen parties, pre or post wedding, corporate events or a family get together coupled with the water sporting activities.

Some of the features of our packages are: –

  1. Delectable food and beverages at not too high prices.
  2. Snorkelling.
  3. Huge spaces for accommodation for a family.
  4. Water sports activities like scuba diving, Jet ski, and paddle boarding fishing.
  5. Pick up destination of your choice with flexible departure time.

We also provide round-trip transportation for small group charters.

Booking a private yacht charter with Palm Harbor Nautical Ventures

Upon booking a private boat charter or private yacht charter with us, we require clients to fill our charter preference form. The form helps the crew members to know more about your specific preferences especially if you have a medical condition like an allergy, any particular dislikes. However, more importantly, they get to know about the age.

Our team members and captain will also suggest you some creative ways to maximize the experience.

Why choose our private yacht charter services?

A private charter is an excellent way of outing with your friends and family. If comfort and water adventure at reasonable packages are your top priorities, then our private yacht vacations Florida and weekend boat rentals services are ideal. You will greatly enjoy the abundant marine life, bustling harbours and the breath-taking natural beauty.

Our captain and team members look forward to helping you in creating wonderful memories.