Ash spreading Services in Florida

Ash Spreading

Losing your loved ones is an excruciatingly painful experience. In such deeply saddening scenario, we aim to bring some solace to the families by helping them through ash spreading services.

Palm harbor nautical ventures provide ash spreading services in Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, Tampa and St Petersburg.

Give your departed ones a spiritual send-off by scattering ashes at sea. The ash spreading of the dead body is much apt than the traditional coffin burial.

Our crew and the fully licensed captain understand the sensitivity of an ash spreading rituals and therefore do their respective jobs with care, empathy, dignity and grace. We have been providing the scattering ashes Clearwater FL service for a decade.

If you are looking for highly professional yet sensitive team for scattering ashes Tampa Bay area, Palm harbor nautical ventures is here for you.

With boats large enough to accommodate a considerable number of people, our service of burials at sea is extremely affordable. We thoroughly sympathize with the grief during such event and therefore take full steps in ensuring that the entire ash spreading events goes smooth, hassle-free and most important gracefully.

Dignified memorial with our ash scattering service

The entire group will be escorted to the selected vessel at the appointed time. The Captain and crew will then brief you up about the whole event that will take place along with the safety precautions.

Then a basket of a flower will be presented which will be passed to every individual so that they can offer their private and final moments. Personal condolences, poems or thoughts can be shared together by the group.

Once the ashes are lowered into the sea, the eight infinity sign will be made by the vessel around the scattered region. After the final bell, the flowers can be tossed into the sea as a final gesture of letting go.

It takes approximately 90 minutes for the complete round up to conduct the entire burial ceremony at sea.

Dockside ash spreading farewell in Florida

Sometimes, the circumstances may not allow you to go into the sea. In such cases, we provide unattended service on dockside or other location of your choice (where it is permitted). The Captain and the crew will scatter the ashes on the decided date and time.

For the unattended service, the captain and the crew conducts the entire ceremony and later on provide documentation of their services with information like latitude and longitudes of the scattered ash in the sea.

The entire event is captured digitally and video recorded, and the copies will be handed over to you so that you will have a peace of mind in knowing that your entire wishes have been fulfilled with utmost respect and dignity.

Our boats are fully insured and licensed, and we strictly adhere to the EPA guidelines.

Flexible expenditure on Ash burial service

Do not worry about the expenses. We have smaller boats for 5-10 people which will cost minimum expenses. We have provided such cost-effective service of burial at sea Naples Florida to thousands of people for a decade.

Why hire services of scattering ashes in Florida?

Rather than as a way of earning our bread and butter, we firmly consider our services to smoothen the difficult transition of a grieving family from the death of their loved ones. We take utmost priority in ensuring that the final send-off should be filled with love, respect and lot of dignity.